Our Team

A true leader is not one who thrives in the acknowledgment of others. A true frontrunner is one who has the ability to make others look up to him. He is like a teacher consistently aiming for the success of his team. He is one who stands by watching in pride as his team outshines even him. That is how we at Bhandari group treat our employees and stakeholders and ensure that with our guidance they outshine everyone. The success of our clients are true reflections of our hard work and the commitment of our employees ensure that we are working together to bring a significant change in the Indian retail industry.

Purchase Team

Rishi Jain

Kundan Singh

Sales & Marketing TeamWest Bengal Team

M Chakraborty

Arunava Ghosh

Dipak Jana

Tamal Simlai

Pijush Adhikari

Sandip Das

Bihar Team

Ajay Singh

M K Srivastava

Arjun Singh

Chattisgarh Team

Rahul Singh Thakur

Milind Kr. Choure

Jharkhand Team

Sumit Sinha

Avinash Sinha

North East Team

Soumendra Kr. Pati

Hemanga Sarmah

Sanjoy Deb

Odhisa Team

Vijay Nayak